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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Comply Audit

Our COMPLY Audit service can assist you by conducting a thorough review and helping you see if there are any deficiencies in the current compliance procedures at the firm. This can be a full health check, or a targeted audit of a specific area; AML, GDPR, or any other regulated area of your business.

Audit Process

Conducting a Compliance Audit  

We will conduct a deep-dive assessment of your compliance with all applicable FCA regulations. We will work out where your current procedures are sufficient and where they require more work. This will be fed into our modular Risk Based Compliance Monitoring Programme, which will detail all the rules your firm is subject to and the process we followed in carrying out the audit.



Providing the Board with Compliance Audit Report

After we have carried out the compliance audit we will present a report detailing the status of the compliance regime. This will contain details of our findings and will also provide a set of recommendations on how to improve the compliance regime at the firm as appropriate.

Implementing a Programme of Remedial Work 

Following the completion of the compliance review we will come up with a schedule of action which identifies any areas that will need to be improved to bring your company up to speed with current regulation. After receiving the report you can choose to action the items yourselves or engage our services to action them on your behalf.

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That Audit isn't going to do itself!

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