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BIG Changes to Insurance Regulation

By Kyte Ekstrom | Compliance, FCA Regulation, FinTech, Insurance, Insurance Broker | 0 Comments

The FCA are making BIG changes to the way insurers and insurance distributors will have to review all of their policies and models. The FCA are planning on scrapping the idea of ‘price-walking’ (referring to when new insurance customers receive more competitive and cheaper premiums), as this contends the FCA’s objectives for a fair and […]

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FCA Consultation Paper Proposing Changes to SCA-RTS and guidance for Payment Services and Electronic Money

By Kyte Ekstrom | E Money, FCA Regulation, FinTech, News, Uncategorized | 0 Comments

If you are thinking what the hell is an SCA or a RTS, and do I really need to care or read this? The answer is, on this rollercoaster ride through the horror hall of Covid-19 and the ever changing landscape of fintech, with fraudsters waiting in the shadows to jump out at anytime, can […]

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