FCA Authorisation & Compliance Consultants 

Fintech Compliance goal is to make FCA authorisation as simple and as fast as possible so that compliance becomes the natural resort of doing good business. For over twenty years, Fintech has been getting firms authorised and has not failed a client since. This dedication speaks already for itself.

To add to that, as regulations and FCA (used to be FSA) requirements and expectations constantly evolve, Fintech Compliance makes sure that they continuously review their processes and update to the newest and most efficient of practices as well.

To ensure that Fintech meets the needs of its clients, it has invested heavily on expertise. It is currently being run by two experienced FCA authorisation consultants each with a decade’s worth of experience in handling compliance requirements. Both are adept in finding the most effective and workable solutions at a reasonable price.

At FinTech Compliance Limited, we assure you that we are the only ones that offer the most value-for-money solutions to your compliance requirements. These solutions are well-researched on and retrieved from different sources in the industry so that customers with different service needs are satisfied.

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