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To AR or NOT to AR, that is the Question…

By Simon Hill | Agent Relationship, Appointed Agent, Appointed Representative, Compliance, Insurance, Insurance Broker, Investment, Investment Advisor, Investment Manager, Regulatory Hosting, Umbrella Services | 0 Comments

As the new year draws ever closer, and the FCA prepares to usher in the new era of the Investment Firms Prudential Regime (IFPR) – which brings with it increased capital requirements and a more onerous approach to risk management – start-up firms with ambitions of carrying on regulated activities may already be re-thinking the […]

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BIG Changes to Insurance Regulation

By Kyte Ekstrom | Compliance, FCA Regulation, FinTech, Insurance, Insurance Broker | 0 Comments

The FCA are making BIG changes to the way insurers and insurance distributors will have to review all of their policies and models. The FCA are planning on scrapping the idea of ‘price-walking’ (referring to when new insurance customers receive more competitive and cheaper premiums), as this contends the FCA’s objectives for a fair and […]

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June Monthly Regulatory Update

By Kyte Ekstrom | Brexit, Compliance, Digital, FCA Regulation, Financial Industries, Financial Promotions, FinTech, Insurance, Investment, News, Pensions, regtech | 0 Comments

HM Treasury Consultation Response: Next Steps for Regulatory Framework on Approval of Financial Promotions HM Treasury has published a response to the July 2020 consultation on the regulatory framework for approval of financial promotions. The original consultation proposed to introduce a new FCA-operated regulatory ‘gateway’ through which authorised firms would need to pass before they […]

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Are you compliance happy?

By Kyte Ekstrom | Compliance, Compliance Retainer Service, Consumer Credit, Crypto-Assests, E Money, FinTech, Insurance, Investment, payments | 0 Comments

Is your current compliance solution cutting the mustard? Show us the scope and cost of your current compliance retainer and we will endeavour to match or beat what you’re currently paying AND enhance the scope. There’s an offer you can’t refuse! On the fence? Then consider this… Are you a square peg in a round […]

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Does the Kalifa Review of UK FinTech go far enough?

By admin | Brexit, Compliance, Consumer Credit, Credit Brokers, Credit Lenders, E Money, FCA Regulation, Financial Industries, FinTech, Insurance, Investment, Investment Advisor, Investment Manager, News, payments, regtech | 0 Comments

FinTech is no longer a niche within financial services, nor is it a subsector. In fact, it is a core asset for Global Britain. This was the message from Ron Kalifa OBE, author of the Kalifa Review of UK Fintech, received with much praise by the industry. The independent Treasury review published on February 26th is […]

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January Monthly Regulatory Highlights

By Kyte Ekstrom | AML, Brexit, communications, Compliance, Consumer Credit, Credit Brokers, Credit Lenders, E Money, FCA Regulation, FinTech, Insurance, Investment, Investment Advisor, Investment Manager, News, Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Don’t have time, or the will, to trawl through endless websites reading long articles about financial news and regulation. We’ve got you covered with our Monthly Regulatory Highlights – snippets of the past months regulatory news and updates (along with links to corresponding webpages and press-releases) – saving you time and making it easy for […]

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FCA Statement: Review Your Firms Regulatory Permissions

By Kyte Ekstrom | Compliance, Consumer Credit, Credit Brokers, Credit Lenders, E Money, FCA Regulation, Financial Industries, FinTech, Insurance, Investment, Investment Advisor, Investment Manager | 0 Comments

The mighty powers of the FCA are about to become even move vigilant! The Financial Services Bill 2019-2021 – which is currently making its way through parliament – means that the FCA will be able to act more quickly when they consider that firms are no longer carrying out regulated activities. The statement published on […]

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The Supreme Court Ruling for FCA Business Interruption Insurance Cases

By Kyte Ekstrom | Compliance, Financial Industries, FinTech, Insurance, News, Uncategorized | 0 Comments

If, like most insurance brokers, advisors and policyholders, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out the outcome of the business interruption insurance appeal. The wait is finally over. Depending on your perspective, you can either, finally take a sigh of relief, or exhale in exasperation as you read on. The Supreme Court handed […]

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