Are you compliance happy?

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Is your current compliance solution cutting the mustard? Show us the scope and cost of your current compliance retainer and we will endeavour to match or beat what you’re currently paying AND enhance the scope. There’s an offer you can’t refuse!

On the fence? Then consider this…

Are you a square peg in a round hole? 

Is FinTech just a branch of your current compliance consultant’s services? Your business model could be better suited to a consultancy, like FinTech Compliance, that specialises exclusively in FinTech. Being the UK’s leading experts in FinTech, we understand exactly what makes your business tick, and can offer specialised advice to resolve compliance quandaries more effectively.

One size fits all will never do!

 No two businesses needs are the same and compliance is no longer a tick box exercise. With the constant innovation of FinTech, the face of compliance and regulation is ever evolving. This is where forward thinking, tech-driven companies really benefit from a progressive and proactive compliance consultancy, like, you’ve guessed it… lil old us.

Have you fallen victim to the compliance oxymoron? 

FinTech Industries and compliance regulation are often a contradiction in terms; while FinTech businesses are dynamic and technology driven, working with most compliance consultancies is like going back to the Middle Ages – literally, a torturous back-and-forth rigmarole of paperwork!

That’s why we’re a cut above the rest! 

Our innovative shared workspace makes compliance simple. With you can login to your account 24/7. We set out an annual agenda for your tailored compliance monitoring, and apply reminders to give you transparency and the ability to delegate tasks, creating clear lines of responsibility. All your compliance documents are stored in one place for easy access, with clear audit trails, allowing you to view all previous iterations of your documents as well as current live versions – saving you precious time and ensuring you are at the top of your compliance game.

Don’t get passed from pillar to post? 

When you pick up the phone or send an email do you get passed to Tom, Dick or Harry? With FinTech Compliance you will always have one point of contact, and your dedicated compliance expert will be on hand to service your business’s needs; no added fluff or unnecessary guff. We won’t leave you hanging, we’ll always get back to your queries and emails in a timely manner.

Going the extra mile! 

We’ll hold your hand every step of the way; frequent meetings with senior management; regular production of compliance reviews and compliance reports for dissemination to senior management. Whatever your compliance needs, we’ll be there!

And, the cherry on top! 

We are nice people, and fun to work with. We like to think of ourselves as the ‘fun’ fun police. So, If your current compliance solution is not up to scratch, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and give us a holler.

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